Nigerian States’ IGR Per Population

Nigerian States’ IGR Per Population

This data of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of Nigerian states (closely) tracks the state GDPs and also the per capita income. Using this data you can see how you can build a business in the nation. Yes, while we are in the same nation, the economy of Nigeria is extremely heterogeneous that Lagos has no core relationship with Bauchi.

Like I tell startup founders, why rush to some African capitals when the economy of Eti Osa local government in Lagos could be more than the whole of some capitals? This is the fact: depending on what you do, Lagos, Abuja, PHC and Kano will deliver the alpha.

After those four, you have Onitsha, Ibadan, and Kaduna; Maiduguri is off unfortunately. Uyo, Asaba and Aba are looking from outside to inside. Simply, you need to understand the economic geography of Nigeria to thrive.



Source: Nairametrics research


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One thought on “Nigerian States’ IGR Per Population

  1. This raises another strong debate on economic value vs electoral value.

    States like Kano, Katsina and Borno always deliver fat electoral votes, which obviously don’t match their economic relevance. So for those who still struggle to make sense of why fiscal federalism or economic restructuring is important, you can begin to see the patterns.

    It’s not everything that needs to be muddled with suffocating and destructive politics, but for survival of this geographic space called Nigeria, common sense dictates that fiscal federalism or economic restructuring favours everyone, much more than the current practice that scales poverty and miseries.

    There will be enough smart entrepreneurs who can explore and advance the economic potentials and opportunities in each state and region; but we first need to banish our fears and distrust, then free Nigeria from the handbrake it has been running with.

    A State like Akwa Ibom can easily come next after Lagos, or even overtake Lagos, but right now, even those who hail from the former barely have knowledge of the potentials their state holds. It’s the same in several states across the land.

    Until we release the lions…


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