Nigeria’s Presidential Debate Failure

Nigeria’s Presidential Debate Failure

So painful that even those that want to rule cannot even talk to us. Mr. President, I am disappointed that you could not make time to talk to us, your followers.

Mr. Former Vice President, what an opportunity missed! The Great Zik, the Zen Awolowo and Strategic Bello would have participated, and right there defined the rules!

I support ALL but vote for none [I do not live in Nigeria to have the opportunity to vote. But if they make it possible for diaspora to vote, fair game]. Today was painful. I had cleared my time to watch BUTIKU Debate. But none came.

Do not tell me that talk does not matter. Do not tell me that exams do not prepare you to become a better worker upon graduation. I tell you that answering those questions would help the person to at least think over them, and prepare to LEAD.

The presidential candidates of Nigeria’s ruling and main opposition parties have shunned the presidential debate that is currently underway in Abuja.

Three candidates are attending the debates scheduled for five candidates.

President Muhammadu Buhari was not available when the televised debate opened at 7:00 p.m. in Abuja. His counterpart in the Peoples Democratic Party Atiku Abubakar, also shunned the event.

Mr Abubakar’s campaign had earlier said he would not take part in the debate if President Buhari is absent. Party insiders said the former vice president feared he would be overwhelmed by the three other candidates, who are younger and more vibrant.

Mr Buhari also shunned the 2015 presidential debate when he was the main opposition contender.

Oby Ezekwesili, Kingsley Moghalu and Fela Duro-toye are taking part in the debate, which is being aired live by stations affiliated to the broadcasting organisations of Nigeria.

The running mates of all the five presidential candidates, however, participated in the vice presidential debates on December 14

It is very shameful, repugnant and extremely unfortunate that Nigeria is yet to grow into a nation where leaders prepare into positions.

Debates matter – they matter. They push you to say “Who knows this area best, get him/her here”. By the time you have done that 3-5 times, you will have your cabinet ready to lead a day after election.


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