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Nigeria’s Presidential Election Tribunal will on Wednesday deliver its ruling

Nigeria’s Presidential Election Tribunal will on Wednesday deliver its ruling

Nigeria’s Presidential Election Tribunal will on Wednesday deliver its ruling to petitions challenging the result of the last presidential election. The ruling will be televised, according to the court registrar. Of course, this is like a pre-season warmup game. The real game is at the Supreme Court.

I have read the Labour Party and PDP’s petitions; I have also read APC’s defense. Head or Tail, Nigeria loses because INEC has lost everyone.  How? “Voter turnout was also low, even by Nigerian standards. With total votes cast at just under 25 million, out of 87 million people with voter identity cards and eligible to vote, turnout was only 29%. The previous 2019 election saw a 35% turnout.” Yes, that is not a working democracy!

I do not want to compound your stress level, but note one thing: everyone should chill and remain calm irrespective of how this goes. Do not destroy your neighbour’s property or burn down your university halls. Stay engaged but be calm.  All eyes on you – the Nigerian, as you handle whatever they have there.

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NLC is going on strike and banks are joining. By tomorrow, every part of Nigeria will be frozen, against Wednesday. That is a conditioning and everyone should be real here.



The Department of State Services (DSS) hereby informs the public that it has uncovered plans by some elements in parts of the country to stage violent protests to discredit the Federal Government and security agencies over sundry socio-economic matters. Intelligence reports have indicated that the plotters include certain politicians who are desperately mobilising unsuspecting student leaders, ethnic based associations, youth and disgruntled groups for the planned action. Meanwhile, the Service has identified the ring leaders of the plot as well as sustained monitoring around them in order to deter them from plunging the country into anarchy.

While the DSS is aware of Government’s efforts and determination to resolve some of the challenges confronting the nation, it warns those desirous of subverting national security to retrace their steps. This is more so that it will not hesitate to legally come against persons and groups behind the devious plans.

Peter Afunanya, Ph.D, fsi

Public Relations Officer

Department of State Services

National Headquarters


4th September, 2023.


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1 THOUGHT ON Nigeria’s Presidential Election Tribunal will on Wednesday deliver its ruling

  1. It is said that in the history of Calm Down, no one has ever calmed down after being told to calm down. Or are you not aware? We have a Constitution and Electoral Act, the judiciary does not invent new laws, a judge can only decide a case in two ways: either by following the rulebook strictly or in his honest opinion. Anything outside these two possibilities is no longer justice, and no one can ever predict what happens next when injustice reigns.

    The physical turnout during the last presidential election wasn’t low, what was low was the actual number of people allowed to vote, for amalgam of reasons. Even the ones that were allowed to vote, the all important transmission of results from polling units was blocked, we witnessed it live, each lie has expiry date. We can all pretend and offer varying opinions as we wish, but truth will always prevail over falsehood, it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

    If we get it wrong on Wednesday, hope we won’t be trading blames as to who caused what and who should have done what? To destroy is easier, but to build is very difficult. Whether you are under pressure, influence, or with your own mind, just do the right thing, the very thing that after doing it, you will be at peace with yourself.

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