Nigeria’s Soulmate Industries Begins Quest for Global Expansion, Seeks Global Partners on JV, Distributorship, etc

Nigeria’s Soulmate Industries Begins Quest for Global Expansion, Seeks Global Partners on JV, Distributorship, etc

Soulmate Industries Limited recently celebrated its 25th year of product innovations. Soulmate makes hair care and body care products from a mega factory in Lagos. It produces many products in the broad cosmetics sector and has demonstrated that ingenuity, tenacity and excellence can be found in the nexus of the Nigerian manufacturing sector. This is the product brochure.

Soulmate Industries Limited (RC 204468), commenced production of hair care products on January 8, 1992.  The company, since its inception a little over two decades ago, has diligently pursued technical excellence and produced high quality products that competes favourably with any brand across the globe.  Over the years, Soulmate has invested heavily in research and this investment has assisted us in gaining public recognition as producer of high quality products.

With products engineered with “nativity”, creating alignment with human body and the environment, Soulmate has won many awards. The Founder, Sir Ndukwe Osogho-Ajala, was honoured by Nigeria’s former president, President Olusegun Obasanjo, with a national honor, for using entrepreneurial capitalism to create thousands of jobs in his nation. The seed was a university final year project, in a Nigerian university, and the history is playing live.

For these 25 years, the company has designed, developed and produced its products in Nigeria. It owns 100% of its IP and is truly an indegenous African company with one of the largest teams of biochemists, scientists and beauty experts who work on product research and development.

A Tour of Soulmate Industries – Sub-Saharan Africa’s Largest Indigenous Hair Beauty Brand

The next phase for the firm is now Global Expansion. It has deepened its capabilities, learnt anything it wants to learn, and now ready to go global. The paths are many:

  • Partnership with global distributors, including in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa who can put the brands in leading retail chains. Some stores already stock Soulmate products in these domains. But Soulmate is looking at deepening the scale to serve customers, especially in places with high concentration of Africans, European Africans, Caribbean Africans, African Americans and the broad black race through mega stores, mid scale stores. etc.
  • Fulfilment distributors to serve ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart’s JET. Such firms will handle all aspects of managing the relationships while Soulmate provides the products.
  • Joint Ventures (JV) where Soulmate brings its technology for partners to serve local customers by packaging solutions locally.
  • Other suggestions.

If you want to explore with Soulmate, contact [email protected] or the contact below.

Selected Soulmate Products


In Soulmate Factory with Founder
Suring Soulmate 25th Celebration in Lagos

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