Beauty West Africa Exhibition 2019: Fresh Hope for People with Skin Diseases as EWA Showcases Preventive and Curable Products

Beauty West Africa Exhibition 2019: Fresh Hope for People with Skin Diseases as EWA Showcases Preventive and Curable Products

As all roads lead to the 2019 Beauty West Africa Exhibition in Lagos, the manufacturer of EWA brands, one of the companies expected to showcase products for Nigerians and other nationals in the sub-region has hinted that exhibition attendees would have the opportunity to see and purchase various preventive and curable products.

Cosmetics, Skin Care and Makeup, Hair, Nail and Salon Supplies, Personal Care and Hygiene, Professional Equipment and Spa, Perfume and Fragrance, Aesthetic Surgery, Business Solutions, Machinery, Packaging, Chemicals and ?ngredients would be available to the attendees, according to the organisers.

BWA is West Africa region’s largest international beauty and cosmetics show and designed to showcase local beauty entrepreneurs. EWA is joining the event with its high quality and affordable products available to the customers worldwide. The Exhibition starts from  November 20th  and ends on 22nd 2019 at Landmark Event Centre, Lagos.

Source: EWA Cosmetics, 2019

“Whether the world likes it or not, acne is one of the skin problems that would continue to impact quality of life if not treated immediately, especially having preventive solutions rather than reactive ones, Alexander Nylander, Ewa Cosmetics founder, notes.

Nylander adds that bags being used for packaging the products for customers are bio-gradable because EWA knows that the world is working towards making environment friendly for people throughout the world. “Beyond this, EWA is contributing to education advancement across the world with a certain amount committed by the clients to education, to increase humanitarian aid to the education sector,” he points out.

Ewa Cosmetics is bringing preventable and curable products that would help a number of people with diseases such as acne. Recent incidents have shown that many people have missed job interviews and being social gathering due to itching and swelling faces because of acne and other diseases. Here are the specific benefits of acne and blemishes preventative products;

  • Lactic Acid Cleanser solves oily skin and oily T-zone, as well as acne prone skin, due to its lactic acid and citrus concentrates.
  • Salicylic Toner eliminates surface bacteria, prepares skin for further treatment and leaves a refreshed clean surface. It is also particularly effective in getting the outer layer of the skin to peel, which makes it useful in treating psoriasis, calluses and keratosis pilaris
  • Oil Control Moisturizer protects oily skin from moisture loss
  • Sun Protection Moisturizer provides UVA and UVB protection. Skin will benefit from wrinkle fighting Peptides.
  • Gentle Glycolic Face & Body Cleanser provides exfoliative & anti-oxidant properties and helps soothe, soften and heal.
  • Natural Rose Water Toner aids in preventing dehydration while helping to close the pores and refine the skin.

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