Nurture Your Innovators and Project Champions – Tekedia Mini-MBA for Corporates

Nurture Your Innovators and Project Champions – Tekedia Mini-MBA for Corporates

“I am a CEO of a leading brand in Lagos. I enjoyed the well written 50+-page class notes on Grand Playbook of Business, and the other one on Business Models. Your explanation on why business models matter is brilliant. Your case on Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Satya and how one man picked the same products, and applied a new business model, creating 4x value in 5-6 years, is insightful. I want Tekedia Mini-MBA Corporates, and 13 of my managers will join. We want just 4 weeks and we want the Institute to work with us to examine our business model. Fellow Futoite, I am proud to share the FUTO heritage with you. “

Today, we serve 17 companies, offering them world-class management insights. Ask for a brochure and let us work together to unlock innovation insights, nurture the innovators and accelerate GROWTH in your firm.

Tekedia Mini-MBA for Corporate is a customized version of the general Tekedia Mini-MBA. It is  designed for private and public institutions where cases and labs are developed around the institution and its sector. It focuses on the same theme of innovation, growth and digital execution. But unlike the 4-month general Mini-MBA, the Corporate vision goes for 6, 8,10 or 12 weeks. It has a weekly live session, via Zoom or Teams, and is priced affordably. We have a brochure to share with your organization.

The engagement begins with a Zoom call where we spend time to understand what HR, Strategy and Executive Management want to accomplish. Then, we will design a program, looking at the market, the company and other factors. This is a management program prepared for your company!

Email [email protected] for a brochure.


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