OPay no pay again

OPay no pay again

The OPay company took over the Nigerian transportation business like a rocket. In a short space of time, everywhere you go, it is OPay.

The fact that they made commuting cheap and easy to use, sold them to the people. Everyone can sit at home and book a ride on an app like the Uber way.

Isn’t it amazing as motorcycle go digital?

OPay became the real deal, shutting down Gokada completely. As much as OPay has taken over all the places in the West, they seem to be resting on their laurels.

Adeleke Lekan, a customer that enjoys using their service lodged his complaints. He shared his frustration on a social media platform – LinkedIn.

Adeleke shared, ”OPay riders are becoming frustrating. Yesterday at around 5:30 pm, I logged into my OPay app and booked a ride. I was going to New Garage in Ibadan.

It took me 10 minutes before I could get a rider.

The rider I got was so hot-tempered that his utterances are not the words of a gentleman.
He said he shouldn’t have come to pick me up because the money he will be paid at the end of the journey is nothing to write home about.

He seemed to be so offended that he was driving recklessly. I nearly slapped him because I have also lost my cool. What the hell was he driving? Life is too short, and I can’t let this reckless rider send me to an early grave.

That aside, he made the whole thing worse than I could have ever imagined by dropping me off to a place that we never bargained for. I told him that I haven’t gotten to my destination, after all, he could also see from his own app as well. But he insisted he would not be going any further.

I was so angry that I lost my cool totally. This was not the first time I would be experiencing such a situation. He aimed some abusive words at me that prompted me to reply. We traded words of insults at each other to a point that we almost fought. Thanks to someone passing by that intervened and calmed me down.”

I asked if Adeleke would continue to use the service, he said he doubted if he would still want to use them unless they do the needful.

As much as I have never patronized their service, I love them. I really want them to stay in the market for a long time because of the job opportunities they have created for many unemployed graduates.

However, with what I am hearing from their customers, it seems – ”OPay no pay again”. OPay riders may bring heavy havoc to OPay company.

Adeleke further offered his advice to OPay company,

”Dear OPay manager,

Please, warn all your riders from insulting your customers before it gets too late. They are becoming too vulgar.

I think you should penalize any riders being reported by your customers because we need to enjoy every penny spent.

I love OPay company but your riders are becoming more annoying and unbearable.”

 hope the company will look into this matter. Perhaps, they should create customer feedback on their platform that allows every customer to rate or report any form of dissatisfaction. This will help save the company.

Remember, it is easier for a tiny hole to sink a ship.

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2 thoughts on “OPay no pay again

  1. Hi, OPay already has a customer feedback section. You see it at the end of every trip taken or go to previous trips. You can rate the rider and give feedback

    1. Thanks for the update…will share the good news as this will bring sanity into the behavior of the Opay drivers once they know that passengers can now rate them and this will be used / counts for them


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