Operational Data + Experience Data = Perception Service

Operational Data + Experience Data = Perception Service

To create perception demand, you need to go beyond serving customer needs and expectations to meet their needs at the level of perceptions.

Perception Demand is very risky: you think without much learning curves decoupled from aligning scaling and market demand. But when you add “Stimulating” before it, you have a construct, Stimulating Perception Demand, which focuses on existing trajectories in the markets and how to take them to the next level, and around there massively get many fans to connect. Here, you have seen how the products in the markets are doing. You just want to take them to the next level. The product operates at perception level, but even with that, you must stimulate demand at new heights.

Two things are very critical to make that happen: operational data and experience data.

  • Operational data (O-Data): Operational data is actually one type of strategic data, which includes internal control and operational environment information such as data on the company’s workforce, direct competitors, creditors, suppliers and information on customers
  • Experience data (X-Data):  Customer experience (CX) goes beyond measuring the relationship between customers and companies; it is also about quantifying the hundreds of regular interactions and residual memories that influence future behavior. Specific tools like journey mapping and touchpoint management are keys that employees can use to unlock the code for many in-store and in-person experiences. But it’s important for your team to understand the context in which data is being used to make company-wide decisions.

When you combine O-data and X-data, you have Perception Service which stimulates Perception Demand. If you miss either of O-data or X-data, you would struggle with the right insights. To have Perception Service, you need this loop, making sure that your X-data and O-data are all integrated for the management decision making. Giving customers great services before they even begin to ask for them demands a deeper level of insights which can only happen when X-data fuses with O-data.



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