Our Article Makes LinkedIn Editors’ Pick

Our Article Makes LinkedIn Editors’ Pick

Good People, if you have noticed, LinkedIn has been putting our contents on LinkedIn Editors’ Pick (see this). There is no debate – I am enjoying amala, nkwobi and zobo, digitally here. It does demonstrate that Linkedin sees us as being unbiased, fact-based, and indeed professionals with no agenda. Yes, we use tools to report and analyze mechanics of market systems the way they are. 

I thank LinkedIn Editors for the vote of confidence. Please FOLLOW me here (not Connect as I’ve exceeded the 30k limit); we will continue to co-learn with respect, and balance.



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One thought on “Our Article Makes LinkedIn Editors’ Pick

  1. Congrats to the Tekedia team. When prof starts talking about eating Amala, Nkwobi and drinking Zobo all in one sitting whether digitally or no, you know he’s excited. Well done Sir ;)


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