PagaTech Security Question – “What Is Your Father’s Favorite Drink?”


Quick question: have you signed up for the mobile payment? If you did and used Pagatech’s Paga m-payment product, you must have seen this as one of the questions for security: “What Is Your Father’s Favorite Drink?”


They also ask you this loving one: “what was your dream job as a child?” Many of us would have answered  firefighters. Why? In Day By Day Book 6, that was the coolest photo those days and everyone in the class wanted to dress like them. Teacher asked us our dream jobs, all the boys said firefighters. Thank Heavens that it did not go that way.


Back to the drink; our question to you is this: do you know it? We mean for real, not just typing your own favorite drink.

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It is kind of cool that they are asking many off the shelf questions. Yet, the questions are too many and you could get lost in the whole system. But when your phone is your wallet, you better spend time and answer them. Why? If you are not careful, a  casual mistake with that phone can turn out to be bankruptcy. Your phone is no more phone, but something more – personal ‘ATM’.



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