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Paytech Startups, The Era Is Now “Beyond Payment” in Africa

Paytech Startups, The Era Is Now “Beyond Payment” in Africa

In Africa, the era of just offering APIs or apps for receiving or sending payments is largely over. The emerging era is building paytech (fintech companies with specific focus on payment) solutions which enable merchants and ecosystem stakeholders to grow their businesses or their missions. In other words, competing for a spot at the “checkout pages” is hopeless if you are not helping those merchants in other ways. Do you help them manage their inventories, bookkeeping, etc?

To win a merchant’s payment collection services, you must help that merchant to grow that business. Rethink fintech and broad payment because most of the elemental components have been solved. Yes, there are many great firms which offer payment collections. 

As a paytech firm, what do you offer that merchant besides a seat at the checkout page? If you have nothing, you would be replaced very soon by competitors which offer more than APIs, and lines of codes, for collecting payments?

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