Performance and Execution – When All Nigerians Play “FIFA U-17 World Cup”

Performance and Execution – When All Nigerians Play “FIFA U-17 World Cup”

I will run a workshop in coming days for a major African brand. The firm wants us to put its team on the path of Performance and Execution, making it clear to the team that they could win despite competition from foreign firms. We have been looking at something really positive where Nigeria is the undisputed #1 in the world, and we found one: FIFA U-17 World Cup Tournament.

In the global competition, Nigeria has won 5 gold and three silver medals holding a total of 8 medals. Brazil comes second with 3 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze for a total of 7 medals. From this, we will draw insights on being hungry early, executing with sparks of excellence, and then lazily peaking before the dance begins.

Then, how can teams win, win and keep winning as President Trump would like to note: we will keep winning until our enemies will be tired. Yes, you will not be the one that will be tired, of winning, but those despising your wins.

How can all Nigerians play FIFA U-17 World Cup and win in other sectors of our national existence?

We are the best U-17 team in the world. Can we boast of another area in a positive way?




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2 thoughts on “Performance and Execution – When All Nigerians Play “FIFA U-17 World Cup”

  1. Well, there are factors in play at FIFA U-17 which favours Nigeria, but at the elite level of football, those things aren’t there. Age stuff, whether real or apparent, then you talk about raw talent, hunger and drive to make name for yourself and then make money. By the time you get to senior or elite football, all these things have been commoditized, so you need a different set of virtues to compete and keep winning there.

    For Nigeria to win gold in other sectors of the economy, you start by having a purpose, then a visioning capability, and subsequently you assemble a winning squad for the mission. Once you tick these boxes, you now prepare for the most challenging part: execution.

    To win and keep winning, you must execute excellently, which may entail generating and committing the resources needed. It is at this stage your strength of character, discipline and principles are tested. If you can tick all the boxes, then you can keep winning.

    If you are aiming for something that would outlive you, the way you approach it is different from when aiming for something you just need for survival. And because most of the goals here are built with survival instinct, once you think you are succeeding, no motivation for higher goals.


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