The phoney announcements by CERN II

We refer to the CERN announcement of July 04, 2012 on the discovery of the Higgs boson. Before anybody gets too excited, it should be noted, in a rather mild submission, that the announcement is arrant nonsense –it is the height ofignorance and naivety-sheer humbug. It is difficult to accept that the so called scientists would conspire to squander Europe ’s (now) scarce resources in an exercise in futility.

We had earlier made comments on their phoney announcements of late 2011 (see attachment) This further submission is a mere icing on the cake. A basic modern physics course has enough ingredients to help settle the two issues, namely, the speed of neutrinos and the particle that gives mass (energy) to other particles without the expenditure of one dollar! We first note that the machine-driven theorists were misled by two kinks in physics: The first is the graviton, which they claim moves with the speed of light! But the graviton is absolutely separated, from our world (an antiparticle), hence no instrument can measure its speed! Thus, it is at rest relative to us. The second is the very crude interpretation of what they call electroweak theory. The particle they call “Z0” is actually the graviton, which gives mass to massive objects; but they erroneously claim that it mediates weak nuclear force.

With the foregoing remarks in mind, we need just two elementary modern physics parameters to settle the two problems, namely, De Broglie wavelength, lD (Louis de Broglie, 1924) and Compton wavelength; lc (Arthur Holly Compton, 1923). The photon, a particle without a corresponding antiparticle, has the least lD, or the greatest speed, and its lc is undefined (lc = ¥). On the other hand, the graviton, an antiparticle without a corresponding particle, has the least lc, or speed zero, and its lD is undefined (lD = ¥). A plot of speed (v) against lc gives a straight line graph joining the origin where the speed is zero, and the value of v where lc = ¥ (here v = c). Thus, all elementary particles have mass lying between m = 0, the photon mass and m = mg, the mass of the graviton – the masses being measured relative to the mass of the graviton, with the mass quantum number a rational number. Similarly all elementary particles have speed lying between v = 0, the speed of the graviton and v = c, the speed of the photon. Thus, nature’s elementary particles are those whose (lc, v) lie on the straight line joining the points (lc, 0) for the graviton and (¥, c) for the photon. This primitive line is in a sense nature’s “selection curve”, all particles whose (lc, v) lie outside this line are not elementary particles of nature.

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Amagh Nduka

BS (Berkeley), MS (Stanford), Ph.D. (Chicago)

Professor of theoretical physics and applied mathematics


Subject:     The phoney announcements by CERN

Science is replete with controversies, but those of physics are monumental. Examples–The Democritian and Aristotelian hypotheses of matter. The atomic hypothesis of Democritus was roundly rejected and the wrong Aristotelian hypothesis was in force for about 2000 years: Another example is the geocentric hypothesis of Ptolemy and heliocentric hypothesis of Aristarchus of the universe. Here again the wrong geocentric hypothesis was in force for about 2000 years! As a consequence humanity wallowed in ignorance until the 17th century!

Between the 17th century and about 1930 intellect-driven physics grew by the influence of the giants of the subject-Isaac Newton, J.C. Maxwell, Albert Einstein, P.A.M. Dirac, Max Planck, etc. Around 1930 intellect–driven physics was “dethroned” and was replaced by machine-driven physics. For about 80 years now human intelligence has been replaced by machine intelligence and physics theory by model theory! We quote Dirac’s position about their method – “Renormalization entails a practice that no self-respecting engineer or scientist would countenance. To neglect infinitely large terms in a series that approximates to a real measurable quantity is absurd”.

To justify the colossal waste that LHC is, the machine-driven physicists came up with two phoney announcements in late 2011.

  1. Speed of neutrino. The neutrino is a fundamental particle which they know very little about because today’s instruments do not have the requisite precision. To determine the speed (v) of neutrino, they need to use Einstein’s relation v = (pc/E)c, where p is the momentum, E energy of the neutrino, obtainable from the LHC machine, and c is the speed of light. If neutrino has mass, as they have finally accepted after years of vacillation, then v must be less than c! Their method will yield wrong result because their instruments are imprecise.
  2. Higgs particle(s). It should be noted that their physics claims that there are up to five different Higgs particles. The fact is that there is nothing like Higgs particle in nature! According to them Higgs particle(s) gives mass to massive particles. If that question is relevant, they should also ask-what particles give basic charge, and Planck’s constant? The truth is that basic mass, like basic charge and Planck’s constant, is a force constant-the units of quantization in the case of mass are rational numbers, whereas they are integers in the other two. Since the early 1980s they have wasted billions of dollars of tax payers money looking for something that does not exist!


In summary, we will not be surprised if they announce the confirmation of their findings in the summer. Of course they have been doing that since the 1930s-quarks, big bang scenario, Bethe’s fusion theory on which ITER is based, expanding / accelerating universe, etc. all of which are mere make-believe. The world should, however, note that global warming, unprecedented violence and frequency of natural disasters, etc. are caused by huge machines like the LHC. Greenhouse gases, for example, make negligible contribution to climate change; the culprit are machines operating at TeV energy range. Unfortunately these machine-driven physicists are unaware that TeV-machines are irrelevant to our understanding of nature; rather these machines are a threat to the survival of life on Earth!



Amagh Nduka

BS (Berkeley), MS (Stanford), PhD. (Chicago).

Professor of theoretical physics and applied mathematics

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