Plazes – What Has Nokia Done With This German Startup?

New York Times reported three years ago that Nokia had acquired Plazes – a German social media company.


Nokia said Monday that it has inked a deal to buy Plazes, a German social network, as part of the mobile phone giant’s push to transform itself into a next-generation entertainment company.


Nokia is positioning itself as a promoter of social networking, with photo and video sharing and games for users of its cellphones. That is because Nokia predicts that in the next five years, mobile phone users will create 25 percent of the entertainment watched on so-called smartphones, like the iPhone and BlackBerries.


On Plazes website, they have this note


Nokia has acquired the services provided through Together with the Plazes team, Nokia will work on further improving and developing this service for you.


For those that read the day this was announced, we could not see more. Nokia is still working on improving and developing the platform. This is one of the reasons why these acquisitions are good for the bank and not good for passion, sometimes. Recall Cisco‘s acquisition of Flip? They just killed it. Yes, that hot product.

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