When Twitter Clone Is On Twitter – YarnPad, A Nigerian Startup, Needs To Yarn More

YarnPad is a Twitter like service developed in 2010 by the due  of   Victor Sylva and Deji Kadri. It offers a real-time information network that let people share and discuss things that interest them. The etymology of their name comes from ‘yarn’ which is a slang in Nigeria meaning ‘talking or talk about”.


  • People

    Connect with other nigerians around the globe to network, share ideas and collaborate.

  • Topics

    Solicit real-time feedback and benefit from previous discussions.

  • Events

    Discover relevant events in your local area and post your own.


It is really possible that YarnPad is not yarning a lot as it has tweeted only thrice. And we checked if it does yarn more on its site, we could not find any evidence.

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