Read This AI Book

Read This AI Book

It is official – Data Science Nigeria has released the free AI ebook. Yours truly wrote the foreword. I recommend this book to all lovers of AI and the exciting future it  promises.

Data Science Nigeria releases free Artificial Intelligence eBook for starters and enthusiasts Download our Free eBook on Artificial Intelligence Simplified for starters, non-techies and enthusiasts to appreciate AI possibilities from world’s leading AI experts and users. This is our 1st in the series of many books & videos coming from Data Science Nigeria to demystify and popularise AI and drive for large scale multidisciplinary application across all domain of use. Please click

The 167-page eBook, titled, Artificial Intelligence Simplified: 99 Use Cases and Expert Thoughts has contributions from global community of AI experts and industry users, local and international, including some of the Artificial Intelligence pioneers like Professor Yoshua Bengio, Professor Emeritus Tom Dietterich and Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe, inventor of Zenvus AI Agriculture product and Chairman Famiscro Group wrote the Foreword


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