Really? “Gokada is shutting down”!

Really? “Gokada is shutting down”!

ORide takes Gokada down! You cannot use about $5.3 million to battle unlimited $150 million OPay has raised [$50m for OPay and the reserved $100m]. The CEO of Gokada announced a few minutes ago: “Gokada is shutting down”. But it was a prank from the entrepreneur: Gokada has some technical design issues which need to be fixed. They have figured out that they need to take it off service to fix those things. You cannot argue on that: fix em and get better for service.

Yes, it’s true. From Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 all Gokada pilots will be off the roads and the Gokada app will be shut down.

Increased competition, regulatory hurdles, and operational issues have forced us to make this decision. We thank all our loyal users and are truly sorry for this inconvenience.


Yet, I must confess that these issues are not new: I was in the office a few months ago when one guy ranted about the same issues the new CEO wants to address. It is good they are going to get all fixed at once. Hope, they return back as planned on time.


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