“I Owe Nobody” Mentality Is Destroying Our World

“I Owe Nobody” Mentality Is Destroying Our World

Listen, I owe nobody mentality is not going to work anywhere because there’s everything wrong with this kind of mentality, especially in a country like Nigeria.

Is it because of the fear of entitlement?

Yeah, we’re all trying to get rid of the gross sense of entitlement of the new age but this is not the way to go. Proponents call it, “instilling a mind shift” but I honestly do not believe this is the right phrase to put into anybody’s mind.

Trust me, a person who thinks nobody owes him anything has a high tendency to also believe he doesn’t owe anybody anything as well! Something like a tit for tat. Take it or leave it, we all can’t go with such mentality anymore. Enough is enough. 

That’s why we have a system of “unaccountability” in Nigeria. 

You vote in a government that feels there’s no need to provide you stable power supply, construct good roads, give quality education, good medical facilities, jobs creation, security and so on. 

Let’s delve into the work environment. The ”I don’t owe you anything mentality” strikes again. Employers don’t see anything wrong with treating their employees poorly. Most of them perceived to be doing the employees a favour because they feel they don’t owe them fair treatment. 

That is why jungle justice is still a thing because nobody owes citizens any fair hearing. Police brutality is the order of the day. The police are not ready to hear you. 

What about soldiers?

The greatest crime in Nigeria is to talk back to a soldier man. Even when you are innocent, you dare not speak back because he doesn’t owe you a fair hearing.

The motivational speakers will tell the youths boldly to “go and hustle” because, you know, Nobody Owes You Anything!

While this may serve as a push to struggle against all odds, let’s not forget that it is fueling a culture of not demanding for what’s due for oneself. A tradition of excusing bad behavior.

As they say, it takes two to tango. But how do two tango when they owe each other nothing. As much as the adage might be meant to motivate and promote self-independent, it is also constituting to the lack of proper accountability.

Do not be covered with such words. Boldly demand for what’s duly yours today. It is your right; not a privilege!

We all must be our brother’s keeper. A better Nigeria starts with proper accountability. This can only be achieved when every citizen sees himself as a giver. 

Remember, it is what you can do for your country.

Credit: Ginika Oluchi Okeke

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