Rejection Simply means Reduction

Rejection Simply means Reduction

Rejection is inevitable and it’s normal.

I don’t know about you but I know rejection is a normal thing. Many times, we find ourselves in awful situations that make us lose hope. We face too many rejections that make us question our existence. You are not alone. The truth is – rejection is normal. It doesn’t matter who you are or how talented. Rejection knows no boundary.

Rejection is the state of being turned down from an expected project. It is also the state of being disappointed by lovers, job interview, sports tryout, and family.

However, note that – ”Anytime you are rejected, you are redirected.”

Rejection should make you stronger. Successful people in life were rejected but they never gave up. Instead, they find direction in rejection.  When you take a risk in life, there is a possibility of being rejected or accepted.

Ashley Laderer saidAs much as we’d like for everything to always go our way, that’s not the way the universe works. While rejection is pretty much inevitable in some capacity, it still hurts. It’s painful to get shut down for something you want, whether it’s a date with a crush or a job at your dream company. We all want to be loved, cherished, and accepted — be it by a romantic partner, friend, group, or boss.

Rejection can cause an emotional wreck, ranging from confusion to sadness or rage. Oftentimes, people don’t understand exactly why they’ve been rejected, which can lead to a downward spiral of negative introspection and an overall sense of not feeling “good enough.”

As I said before, rejection simply means unwanted by someone. In 2012, while I was planning to go back for my HND program, I tried all the possible means to save up some money but the money I saved wasn’t enough. I gave up.

But one day, I stumbled upon my cousin on Facebook and we started chatting. He asked about my education and life in general. I explained everything to him. He asked for my contact and offered to help me.

After two weeks, I didn’t hear from him. So I decided to reach out to him on Facebook but I was shocked to discover that he had blocked me. I was so down. Why? Because I didn’t expect disappointment from him.

But I was wrong. People will surely disappoint you. As a matter of fact, your parents can disappoint you. But it’s not the end of the world. It is normal. Do you wonder what’s normal about being rejected?

Two reasons why rejection is normal:

  1. It makes you understand life the more: When you are rejected, you feel like the world should come to an end. But the truth is, life is laced with a rebuff, refusal and many more. Instead of whining and crying, learn from it. It’ll add to you experience. The lessons learned are always priceless. Rejection is a precept.
  2. It makes you refocus and stay determined: It’s true that once bitten twice shy. Rejection can be a stepping stone if channeled the right way. Because you will realize that those difficult experiences were a blessing in disguise. Specifically, it highlights habits, actions, or thoughts that you can improve on. It helps you shift your focus from how you messed up to how you can become better. Of course, refocusing doesn’t mean changing yourself according to someone else’s standards. Sometimes, rejection is not a true reflection of your abilities, talents, or self-worth. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you’re inadequate.

Now that you see how you can turn rejection into a new direction, go and rewrite your story.

No matter what happened to you today, I want you to understand that rejection prepares you for a better tomorrow. Rejection is a test of your endurance.

Remember- when one door closes, another opens. Rejection simply means redirection.

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