Women Are Gold

Women Are Gold

Women are gold.

Yes, I mean women are a special being given to the world as a gift from God. The best gift I ever had was my mother and she is a woman. In fact, I can say the next to God is women. If you doubt this, try to go to bed with an indigestible stomach, then you will understand how it feels to carry a pregnancy in the womb for 9 months. Remember, they also breastfeed for one year and a half. Indeed, women are everything.

I do wonder if we can survive without them in our society. Our president once said they belong to the kitchen but I can boldly say it is not true. The fact that President Buhari said it doesn’t make it true.

Although women can be so frustrating at times, that doesn’t mean they should be treated poorly.

How will you tell me you love your wife but slap her at every slightest bit of disagreement?

That’s so absurd. Some men are so comfortable with beating their wife at any form of misunderstanding.

Often times, I do wish it is possible for God to change man to woman for just a year so that men can understand the stress women are going through.

They said behind a successful man there is a woman. This saying is true. Let’s take the former president of Nigeria as a case study.

Goodluck Jonathan is a learned person and a successful man to crown it all. But I found something outrageous about him, he doesn’t care about what people think of his wife, Patience Jonathan. Even when the masses were condemning her spoken English, he keeps putting her in front of everything he wants to do. This is what true men do.

Of course, every marriage or relationship has its own problems but should not result in physical abuse. Often times, I have seen men beat their wives. In fact, I was in my room last week when I heard a man beating his wife. I couldn’t condone it. I had to go to their room to make peace. He said the wife knew he was going to have his bathe at 6 o’clock in the morning but she failed to fill the drum with water.

But the poor woman brought out the drugs she had been using for the past three days as she wasn’t feeling too well. I turned to the man and asked if he knew anything about it. He said that doesn’t stop her from filling the drums with water.

That was an inhumane response. Considering the woman has to fetch the water with a bucket from downstairs and take it up to the three-storey building on her head. This a task the man couldn’t even do by himself. He had barely carried a bucket when he started panting and feeling remorseful. He couldn’t look into my eyes.

That’s when I started counselling him.

Nigerian men, enough is enough. Stop the women slavery mentality. No house chore is meant for women alone. That’s where the word – partner comes in. Assisting your wife doesn’t reduce your value as a man. It is treating your wife poorly that reduces your value as a man. Our African norms and customs are killing us.

Women are being reduced to nothing. They are meant to take up all the chores. Common!

Croatian president is a woman.

To every woman out there, don’t let any man treat you poorly. Place a value on yourself. How you present yourself determines how you will be treated. You are what you think you are.

Note: Until you place value on yourself, you don’t know who you are.

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