Remember A Special Zoom Session Today on Zugacoin, Bitcoin & Decentralized Finance Today [Updated]

Remember A Special Zoom Session Today on Zugacoin, Bitcoin & Decentralized Finance Today [Updated]

At Tekedia Institute, we work hard to co-educate our members. That is why we partnered with US-based Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions Inc. ( TAFFD’s ) to introduce a popular course on exponential technologies and singularity. Our curriculum is a living document as we update it on the fly if something interesting happens in the markets.

Last week, we got to know about Zugacoin, founded by a Nigerian archbishop. In about two hours, Tekedia Mini-MBA Live will host the “blockchain oracle”, Franklin Peters, CEO of crypto-exchange Bitfxt for an academic festival on Zugacoin, Bitcoin, Decentralized Finance and blockchain.

  • Topic: A Changing Continent: Zugacoin, Bitcoin, Fiats and DeFi
  • Faculty: Franklin Peters
  • Date: Monday, March 15, 2021
  • Time: 7pm WAT
  • Zoom: Tekedia Mini-MBA Board

Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 4 members, Zoom link is in the Board. Those who have paid or about paying for the upcoming June edition, email Admin for link.


Update: Innoson Motors is disputing this but Vanguard Newspapers which broke the news is yet to remove it from its website (see below). We have updated our articles accordingly. This is largely expected as I wrote in my original piece: “This is not going to be the end of this story – I expect the Central Bank of Nigeria to be concerned.” Certainly, Innoson Motors would not like to score an own-goal here. Yet, why it took it more than 100 hours to respond is another story. As always, we see our platform as an education arena – and that does not mean endorsement. Tekedia is a school and teaching something does not mean endorsing it. We will continue to share emerging technologies even if we do not endorse them.  Shine your eyes.


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