RHoK3 Kenya – Come Over June 4-5 for Random Hacks of Kindness

What is Random Hacks of Kindness?

RHoK brings the ever-­growing global hacker community together with experts in climate change and disaster risk management to identify critical global challenges, and develop software to respond to them. A RHoK hackathon event draws on the talents and initiative of the best and the brightest hackers from around the world, who volunteer their time to respond to real-­world problems with solutions that can have an immediate impact on the ground.


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Random Hacks of Kindness – RHoK #3: Nairobi

Please join us on June 4th-5th for a RHoK hackathon in Nairobi!


How does it work?

RHoK organizes hackathons—intensive hacking competitions events with multiple global locations bringing together developers from all over the world to hack on real-­world problems. At every RHoK hackathon, the problem definitions are shared with the RHoK community, and the developers work their hacking magic to create open source software solutions that respond to those problems, make the world a safer place and save lives.


Throughout the weekend, we will be coding around problems related to natural disaster risk and climate change. RHoK has been working with subject matter experts around the world to develop problem statements addressing global disaster risk and climate change challenges. These problem statements will be the hacking challenges thrown out to the developers at the RHoK hackathon.

At the end of the weekend, we’ll invite you to share your RHoK application with the group with the potential to win prizes and see your work put to use on the ground to save lives and alleviate suffering.

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