SAGD – A Website Dedicated For South African Game Development Community

SAGD is a site dedicated to the South African game development community. They strive to bring the community the latest news and a place where they can discuss game development and related topics. It is very fascinating that South Africa has a high level of technical content to have a site dedicated for games and not just watching movies. This is the future because making games is not easy. You need to master a lot of things and this seems to be moving to the creative side of entertainment. A brief exploration of some of the games are:


  • UnChaos and CSS

    UnChaos can now generate a CSS file for the sprite sheet. A class is created for each image on the sprite sheet. Go here to download the latest version (or to find out more about UnChaos): Below is an example of a sprite sheet and the CSS file created by UnChaos. The grey rectangles in the background represent the transparent […]

  • Beasts Update: Rook and Pawn

    Ok, the Rook and Pawn meshes for the Beasts side have been finished for a while and sitting around begging to be shown, so I finally decided to finish off the HD renders and actually post them. here we have the finished Ogre (Rook) HD mesh: This guy has all the finesse of a drunk elephant. He’ll obviously enter into diplomatic discourse and use that menacing […]

  • Thursday Art Update

    Art time again. The main thing this week is an illustration of my mate’s Darksun D&D character. Bit of a (fun) challenge, as it’s a break from my usual regime of studies (drawing from life/photo refs etc) to construction from imagination (where you can/should look to refs for inspiration, but not directly copy them). So it’s essentially a test of of what […]

  • Street Sorcery Build 0.03

    Build 3 is up. Not a lot to see this time, most of the work I did this last week was non-coding. I reworked the card game design quite a bit. I’d gone too kitchen-sink with it, there were a few too many stats for a card game. Card games need strategic depth in terms of what combos you can setup an […]

  • STASIS in the IGM Magazine

    I was lucky enough to have a preview of STASIS in the IGM Magazine a few months ago. Here is a copy of the article. A very big thanks to David Bruggink for the opportunity! IGM – Stasis Preview DOWNLOAD ME. Here is the unedited interview. Some info has changed since this, but it does give some nice incite into the game. . What are […]

  • New Dirchie Kart Menu System

    This week I knocked up some new menu graphics for Dirchie Kart – World Tour, I’ve been focusing on

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