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Sales Manager Interview: Salesman Should be Emotionally Available for the Customers

Sales Manager Interview: Salesman Should be Emotionally Available for the Customers

You can work for free to LEARN, but you cannot work for free to EARN; so why not learn the art of sales while you still can? If you are interested, then continue reading this article, else catch us directly at FoodMoby.com for some chops. No hassles in making order at all, it is fully automated.

The Interview began at 8PM GMT+1/WAT and 7PM GMT, on Saturday, July 25, 2020 via WhatsApp call between the prospective Salesman and the General Manager (current), recorded and documented for future reasons, it reads:

Mr. Justice Doubra Noah, in his interview as the Sales Manager at FoodMoby.com suggested that, we should engage with NGOs’ to serve our communities, build trust, and create a sense of caring/belonging in the people. Also utilize customer-focused strategies to win our customers into becoming our partners. Having in mind that FoodMoby.com is way beyond logistics service for the food industry; we are the Food-Industry ourselves; more details to unfold as per the business plan.

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Making money from sales, at early age: It is fun, but education is the priority now

He has been into sales, right from childhood, where he engaged in door to door sales practices, made real emotional and human connections with the people, while making money for himself; as every salesman would do. Great!

If there is one thing any salesman would wish for, it would be to continue in a sales adventure at a young age, since it makes some bucks for him to at least afford some sweets. It is very egotistically beneficial, but what is the guarantee to survive and scale in the ever changing and competitive market without innovation-oriented education?

The salesman thought it wise to equip himself with education, hence earning him a degree in Business Administration (Finance) at the prestigious, “Aditya Degree College Kakinada, India”.

  • If you aspire to educate the next generation on sales and the likes, first get it done by yourself.

If a client says No, what do you do: No means, Not Over, yet

Sales is interesting, but every normal human being would dislike overtimes, too much work, and a No from the client; but that does not stop avid salesman from converting the No into, Not Over, yet.. hence ensures to grab the contact details of the potential client, for future communication and assured conversion into a loyal, long-term partner.

To understand more about the art of sales, please read the article by Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo, the Founder, CEO at FoodMoby.com.

Titled; The 5 Strategies To Close Sales Like a Pro published on Tekedia.com on Tuesday, July 28, 2020.

Excerpt reads: “The most successful salesperson deals with the market as an early morning routine (grab it while it is still fresh). They do not give in to chances, rather the market place is duly occupied by their strategic creativity.

What do I mean by this:

The salesperson who enters the market with his product, and sees that there are many similar or even leading brands, then settles down to examine the un-common questions from the on-passing customers, tends to learn their un-noticed needs. When he does this, he then tries to provide the simplest answers that are direct so that the customers do not spend lengthy time to flow with their services, hence a life-long loyal customer. It’s that simple”.

Salesman is a Business Leader, so must be EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE for the customers:

A salesman, as a businessman who aims to be called a leader, must be readily prepared to lead his team to success no matter the situation of the market. He must be ready to lead small to large number of groups, professionals and business heads as the call-to-action personnel, and take the necessary steps to learn the skills of sales, so he can add one or two things into the team up-skilling, to ensure the team meets and surpass the business demands of the day. 

That also goes in hand with being emotionally available for the customer, and the team, and serving as the friendly shoulder to hear their needs and support them how he can; everybody wants to spend their money and work as an employee where they are valued. 

Quote: When the team is in good condition, they will serve the customers right and make money in return. by the Team at FoodMoby.com.

Evaluating Salesman Success at FoodMoby.com

Activities Management, Not Time Management; Make the schedule now, work on it when it should be, and Time will be well managed. by Mpilo Mbali DRC & Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo NG.

If there is one way to evaluate the success of a salesman with the company, then it has more to do with drafting personal strategies in-line with the mission and vision of the organization in order to achieve the organization goal, while having the short and long-term targets in mind.

  • A sales manager who aims to close big bulk and bucks deals, must be ready to go straight to the point with the customers. Do not waste the customers’ time.
  • Wrap up discussions with actionable ideas to achieve them, and actually take those actions towards the goal. 
  • He must respond to customers queries as though he knows them before time, so as to build confidence, in depth, within the shortest span of time. 
  • He must be having an automated version of himself that is making friends, developing trust and generating leads for him, while his real organic person is out there with clients solving their major human-oriented problems with effective solutions; being emotionally available.

Quote: Customers are always right, do not argue, but propose your provisions with a spike on the value it has to offer, they will buy. by Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo, the Founder, CEO at FoodMoby.com.

If a salesman is to describe FoodMoby.com this is how it will go;

  1. FoodMoby.com is a marketplace for everything food services, it is the hub to sell and buy everything food, both local and international recipes.
  2. We are digitally creative to showcase your kitchen attractiveness, with marketing prowess to ensure you get the right paying clients for your services.
  3. The proper logistics is at our fingertips to ensure our vendors clients are served, saving and managing their time, with better reason to order for more.
  4. Informative Live-kitchen Tutorials; this is a Tv series project oriented, where one comes to learn everything about food and how to bring their dream dish into life in their individual kitchens.
  5. Streamlining the catering industry with innovative provisions. making the already existing services to go automation-friendly. We will train our own chefs to the maximum value aided certified level.
  6. To boost the Agriculture industry; if the restaurants, hotels and food vendors are selling out, they will request for more food raw materials, hence more hands will go into farming.
  7. To become the Best-in-Class food service propagator. Ageless in time, and Vintage in style. You may see many other similar options, but you will definitely go with who you trust and that is FoodMoby.com.
  8. We know you are busy with work, so we will let our chefs serve you right. Do not worry about the food items to buy, and how/when/where to prepare them, FoodMoby.com has its own kitchen, where these dishes are made with careful hands and a neat environment.
  9. The quality of food we serve you is in proper check under our qualified quality control experts, chaired by the uncompromising management system.

If you are looking for anything food services, that feels as though it is grand mothers delicious taste; call FoodMoby.com, and thank us later – Bede Ugochukwu Uzoegbo | Administration Manager at FoodMoby.com 

There is no doubt your investment with us is going to give you the worthwhile Return on Investment, because we know the craft that will return your investment in quadruple. 

Closing call: If you must enjoy the proceeds of a Fruit-Salad-Tree, in the near 18 months, you must start today to clear the ground, with your investments. by Favour Ugomma Kalu, the General Manager at FoodMoby.com

Thank you for reading about FoodMoby.com from our salesman perspective, if this was a good read and you learnt something new, please tell a friend about us. One plate of Nkwobi for you, Free of charge ok!

P/S: How is it possible to meet a Nigerian who is Digital Marketing automation-friendly? If you know this person, please get in touch, let’s chop together a variety of good recipes; bill is on us.

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