Salute To The Category-King: Flutterwave on $35M Raise

Salute To The Category-King: Flutterwave on $35M Raise

One of the most exciting moments in business is when your clients are growing. As a Board member, we at Infoprive immensely congratulate Flutterwave, a category-king fintech company, for raising $35 million series B funds. We would be here and will continue to serve with absolute quality and professionalism. 

We salute the audacity in vision that has taken Flutterwave to have  “processed $5.4 billion dollars for businesses and individuals” across 107 million transactions in 2019 alone, as noted in the CEO letter to all clients.

Let’s go, 2020!  Infoprive – a cybersecurity leader.

Source: Flutterwave


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