Samsung Galaxy Tab In Trouble – Apple After It. How This Can Affect The Nigerian Market


This is no news – it has been all over the blogosphere.  Apple is suing Samsung for patent infringement and copying of its line of products – iPad, iPhone, etc.


Technology giants Apple are said to be suing Samsung for their Galaxy line with Apple claiming that Samsung have “slavishly copied” their designs, infringing copyrights on both the iPhone and the iPad.


According to a lawsuit filed by Apple, Samsung have copied the product design, user interface and packaging of the iPad and iPhone for their own range of devices and Apple are now looking to ban Samsung from producing the items in question while are also looking for damages of an unspecified amount. A spokesman for Apple said: “This kind of blatant copying is wrong.”


Meanwhile, Samsung have said that the products in question are not the result of copying but instead of their own independent research and development programmes.


It is being claimed by industry experts that the lawsuit is being used by Apple to try and keep their competitors at arms length and that Samsung will not simply ignore this but will instead defend themselves against the allegations.


So what does this mean for Nigerian Galaxy Tab lovers? Nothing will happen. Even if there is an injunction against the sale of Galaxy Tab, it will not affect Nigeria simply based on the fact that the patent is only a U.S. patent. Apple patents are U.S. patents and cover only US jurisdiction. Of course, nothing will come out of this except to get some lawyers to have coffee in the courthouse.

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