Sanwo-Olu’s Adaptive Micro-Messaging for Governor of Lagos State

Sanwo-Olu’s Adaptive Micro-Messaging for Governor of Lagos State

Sanwo-Olu vs. Sanwo-Olu. I came into Lagos for few hours of commerce and flying out in hours. As I moved across connections meeting clients, one thing was evident on the billboards: Sanwo-Olu (APC Lagos state gubernatorial candidate) was running against Sanwo-Olu.

Then, I saw the most magical micro-messaging: Sanwo-Olu spoke in Igbo, thundering “Igbo kwe nu” and below it, he has “Support Growth”. He has the best team in political campaign in Nigeria. The messaging changes as you travel from VI to Yaba, Oshodi to Ikeja. Let me say this: he is winning.

People, I am yet to see a billboard for the PDP gubernatorial flagbearer for Lagos state. Simply, we have a political asymmetric warfare here where Sanwo-Olu is winning hands-down.

Mr. Governor, Sanwo-Olu: congratulations.


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3 thoughts on “Sanwo-Olu’s Adaptive Micro-Messaging for Governor of Lagos State

  1. What is going on in Lagos State should be criminalized not celebrated.

    The Opposition is stifled and choked. Advertising the other political parties have been criminalized and heavy fines and duty are indirectly passed on to those who fail to comply. Opposition posters and banners are being torn down and replaced with APC Campaign posters

    This is absolutely a disaster for democracy in Lagos State.

    You would imagine the Lagos State Government would have made a lot of income on advertising tarriff. This is not the case, Sanwo-Olu’s campaign is freely using the state fund to run the campaigns. No returns to the coffers of the state.

    This implies that income flow to the advertising companies in Lagos have been blocked, which would have economic effects and yet the state funds are still being used up.

    I am absolutely voting Sanwo-Olu, a very sound mind with a clearly laid out agenda despite the clear Tinubu effect. However, I forsee troubles ahead if this trend is not curtailed

    1. This is serious – this is exactly what people are reporting on LinkedIn. Of course, I did not have this element. As someone who flew into the state for hours, I was simply writing on the visuals. Nigeria needs to strengthen the institutions

  2. You see not clearly, in December I was in lagos, the PDP posters and banners that were put up at night, had been torn down in a manner that depicts violence, I don’t know either of the candidates, but you could tell, nothing would be fair, people will vote him, but they know, if he isn’t like Fashola, then the result will be Ambode…


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