Seeking Guest Lecturers for The Mini-MBA Program

Seeking Guest Lecturers for The Mini-MBA Program

We are looking for Guest Lecturers. These lecturers will coordinate and lead a week delivery. If you are interested to be considered, send your LinkedIn page to my team (on click).

The theme of this program is “Innovation, Growth & Digital Execution – Techniques for Building Category-King Companies” and our focus is to take participants into practical excursions on the mechanics of market systems and how digital systems can unlock growth opportunities across market segments and sectors. This is what a typical week interaction would look like (besides other components like webinars I will host):. 

  • Discovery Material:
    • Must include two Flash Cases (one foreign and one African): discuss with two firms.
    • Video (max 15 mins) with slides (we will give you access to an online video tool to use).
  • Discovery Challenge: These challenges are not graded. The purpose is to develop a “challenge assignment” which will push the participants to innovate on their functional roles within their firms, and improve their firms. Our desire is that at the end of the program, some of the ideas could help participants and their institutions advance in markets.
    • Sample Challenge: You have read the Framework for Building Modern Digital Companies (attached). A critical component of the framework is that growth serves as the high priest on the altar of business success. Growth solves most problems and the only solution to lack of growth is to make growth happen. Focusing on the fundamental premise that sustainable growth happens when companies build products and services  customers love (not just spending on big media push), develop a product or service roadmap for your company, encapsulating all core pillars in the framework. Think how you can stimulate new demand nexus through customer perception, to pioneer, and dominate the product category.

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