Selected Kenyan Startups in Beta – Not Yet Ready, Incubating In Garages (part 1)

Most are very secretive – no Twitter, no Facebook, yet, we know where to find them. These are some startups in Kenya that will hit the startupsphere in coming months.


Pata-cab is a mobile web and sms application that integrates cab drivers and their customers. It enables the customer to know the location of the nearest available taxi any where anytime and another functionality that allows them to contact the driver via a phone call. The cab companies will also be able know their market share, the system will be rating the cab companies and providing proving the result to its end users.


Xeptus is a virtual market place with integrated business intelligence. Its targeted at the primary producers of commodities. Producers of commodities more often lack market knowledge concerning their products. Xeptus aims at bridging this gap by providing a platform on which the producers can get the best price for their commodities, and widen their market reach. Using locational services, xeptus will be able to provide helpful hints and information to both the producer and the buyer.


Tikiti is a green ticketing solution for all event types. Tikiti will save you lots of money spent on printing tickets for events, in the process saving trees by reducing reliance on paper.


qwangu – Find your nest. Finding a house in Kenya be it for rental or for purchase is hectic. Kenya needs a portal where they can find, let buy or sell their property. Qwangu is that agent of change. by mashing up services like Google maps, Sms, Facebook and many more we are able to plot house listings and other services around a given property. i.e a school nearby or a Mall.


ContentKing -With the onset of faster and more reliable Internet connectivity Africa’s thirst and demand for locally relevant content has become insatiable. ContentKing will grant website owners instant access to thousands of articles which should save them the headache of developing content for their websites.


Eye Africa Group

“Expand your e Reach 361 Degrees”

1. Imagine connecting Africa’s Business forum to the likes of AOL, or Triple Clicks.

2. Imagine an organization in USA, Europe or Asia etc That is able to penetrate Emerging Markets for its goods/services without the need to perform rigorous & expensive Market Research.

3. Imagine a start up in Africa that is able to sell its goods/services to 1st World Markets directly without any hinderance.

This is what Eye Africa Group promises to deliver!

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