SportRoar Is Kenyan Twitter Clone For Sports Lovers

It is a Twitter clone, just as stated on their Twitter account: Get live updates to sports matches, blog your views with short 140 character messages; access an entire world of information about sports


But they focus on only sports. This Kenyan startup is Twitter for sports fans. SportRoar is a live sport interaction social site with the custom development structure of a live micro blogging platform for sports. Sports fans across the world will be able to share and communicate about what is happening on the field and even have access to live updates from other sport fans.


Sport roar is new website where fans can share their views on matches in play, past matches and futures matches. Sports fan can also share their views on new happening in the sports world e.g. “Ulinzi just won the kpl”, “Ray Wilkins Chelsea ass coach has been fired”. Just like facebook and twitter you share your sport views(login or signup and see this feature). We have made login for facebook users easy by allowing them to connect/login with their facebook accounts.

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