Entrepreneurship Is The New Industrial Revolution – Wise Words From The Rainmaker

Great comments from David Owino – The Rainmaker. We think you agree with him.


The greatest contribution to wealth in society has [witnessed] since the Industrial Revolution [ has] been entrepreneurial activity. But entrepreneurship has slipped out of the universities’ economic curriculum to be replaced by endless pages of sometimes short sighted government schemes that aim to boots GDP growth via fiscal and monetary interventions.



For that reason HumanIPO is dedicated to the empowerment of entrepreneurship by on one side helping entrepreneurs via our social media platform with the key ingredients in building their company and on the other hand giving small investors the opportunity to invest small sums of money in ideas and products that they would like to see be created and of course believe will generate a return on their investment. It is the democratization of investment growth via fiscal and monetary interventions.


The British industrial revolution gave us a world where the British ruled and dominated. But the new wave of entrepreneurship could be one where all the world leads. In this new dispensation,  the rules are basically open. Anyone can push that idea to the world because Internet has broken the boundaries between nations.


The ingredient of success today is nothing but innovation. Let the ideas fly and we can be up to another phase of industrial revolution where nearly everyone could win, provided they participate.

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