Selected Kenyan Startups in Beta – Not Yet Ready, Incubating In Garages (part 2)

Part 2: Most are very secretive – no Twitter, no Facebook, yet, we know where to find them. These are some startups in Kenya that will hit the startupsphere in coming months.



“We found that message on one of the secretaries’ computers. At first she thought it was a joke, but the message came through to her twice. That’s when she alerted us..”  Rizikki is a mobile novel, accessible freely via any mobile device browser – and the readers get to write the next paragraph of the story, updated every 3 to 4 hours.



It was developed to improve the way today’s money is managed, to increase the rate and efficiency of transactions plus to reduce the theft of money. With the rapid growth of computer use, the product offers tremendous advantages to companies that use money transactions day-to-day, as well as the company clients.



If you are tired of having to make numberless copies of your personal and business documents whenever you need to carry out official business, then MyID is for you.  MyID enables you to build and maintain a functional, secure personal/business profile online. Third parties will only need your unique MyID key and your approval to access specific parts of your profile and attached document via a simple to use API. Create your profile once, use everywhere. We will worry about making it happen.


Xtreem Ad

Imagine in a world world where Mobile Users are able to get the services they want urgently through their phones. Different companies in turn gain popularity and fame. I believe this will revolutionize the way we deliver and get access to services.


TaxiMatch Kenya

TaxiMatch brings you safe, fair-priced taxi anywhere in Nairobi in under 10 minutes.

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