Selected Kenyan Startups in Beta – Not Yet Ready, Incubating In Garages (part 4)

Part 4: Most are very secretive – no Twitter, no Facebook, yet, we know where to find them. These are some startups in Kenya that will hit the startupsphere in coming months.



While we might enjoy the good weather, rich social heritage and an enviable peace and harmony, accidents, crime and injustices are slowly creeping in our community. We can control this using the E911 ( Electric 911) system , a web based system used to call for help from various law and life enforcement agencies. A system that might be used to rate the performance of various legal offices and even the crime rate in an area. Be part of the change!


Good Taste

Good Taste is a danish company that is creating a chef school and restaurant in Nairobi. Visitors at the restaurant will experience new and innovative Kenyan dinning prepared by tallentive Kenyan chefs.



E-stores are web based shops provided as a service. clients pay a monthly fee for various services from shop management and analysis, advertisements on social sites and search engines. we build the promotions based on the clients need, be it specific target markets or group adverts to attract a type of personality.


Inspire Yourself

We give people possibility to dump their state of mind. Be those good feelings, bad feelings, ideas or logs of daily activities. At random times we come back with this, to let people reinterpret these states and remember them and discover something new in the process. Recommended usage pattern: as often as one desires. Random reminders come in the morning’s e-mail, to digest with rest mind and cup of coffee.



You remember today is a friends birthday and you have no time to buy a birthday card, but you have a mobile phone; Digi-ent gives you a platform to customize your own birthday card complete with a birthday melody of your choice and send it to your friend at a minimal cost.

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