Share What You Are Learning At Tekedia Mini-MBA

Share What You Are Learning At Tekedia Mini-MBA

Yesterday, Lekan Akande Olokunde, FCA shared a page summary for Innovation Lessons (5in5), one of the 3 sub-themes in our Week 1 of Tekedia Institute Mini-MBA. Week 1 is focusing on Innovation & Growth with three faculty handling each of the 3 sub-themes. He has studied the 2.5 hours of video and summarized the message in a page. For our very busy members, this would be helpful.

Also, he also created an amazing calendar for our schedules; that would go to the Board later today. We would be sharing his page summary also.

Please if you do have yours (summary, analysis, etc), share with Admin for the community. Let’s co-learn and co-share. I understand the MVQ has resonated well.

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