Silicon Cape Is South Africa’s Open Innovation Hub

The Silicon Cape Initiative is a non-profit, community owned & driven movement for entrepreneurs, geeks, venture capitalists, angel investors, marketers and other professionals in the IT industry.


It is a Social Enterprise aimed at encouraging IT and Technology entrepreneurship in the Western Cape. The aim is to brand the greater Cape Town area as the “Silicon Valley of Africa”, or simply, as the “Silicon Cape”.
It was founded in October 2009 by Vinny Lingham and Justin Stanford, who brought various entrepreneurs, investors and service providers in the industry together – including Dr Mphela Ramphela, Johan Rupert and Helen Zille. They formed an online community on  where members can network, join forum discussions and collaborate on ideas.


VC4Africa believes that entrepreneurship should be the main driver in Africa’s economic growth, in particular the SMEs that provide much of Africa’s employment, income and hope for a better future. SMEs contribute around two thirds of national income and provide the foundation for a stable middle class in many African countries. They help form strong communities and are a powerful force for poverty reduction. SMEs play a significant role in building economic stability and sustainability for the future. As Africa enters the new millennium it faces a challenge to provide better economic opportunities for citizens through sustained growth and alleviating the poverty that has long plagued the continent. It’s our belief that the most meaningful impact will still come from grassroots entrepreneurship and local efforts. It is important to support this bottom-up approach of citizens working to tackle local challenges and build on the idea that any person anywhere in the world might have the skills, knowledge and resources needed to make a difference.


Game Developers Association: The International Game Developers Association is a NPO that is dedicated to helping and improving the game development industry worldwide. From job connection, connecting members with their peers, promoting professional development to fighting for the cause – the IGDA is a strong and respected name in many circles.  South Africa is rich with talented artists, game developers and creative individuals with a passion for their medium. With support from the IGDA, and a local effort from South African community members, we present the South African IGDA portal.
Through community chapters of the IGDA, members can meet up, enter competitions and have a presence internationally under the same banner. IGDA South Africa is the gateway to knowing who and what is happening in our thriving communities, and where you can find the nearest chapter.



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