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Silicon Valley Will Soon Cease To Understand The World – The Great Tech Wars Of 2012

Yes, you may be surprised what we are up to here. But we mean business. The optimism or bubble of optimism in Silicon Valley cannot be explained in words. It is real and it is better you experience it. Do you know that Mark Pincus, the Founder of Zynga, is now a billionaire?  Yes, the guy has made it. And many of them are on the way to the money farm  while  the whole world is messed up.


That brings us to one question: if the guys in Silicon Valley are enjoying a world that is only available to them, very soon, they can miss that intuition to understand what the “other” world needs. Facebook Founder only eats cow he kills himself. His bush meat must be killed by Mark Zuckerberg.  In a world where property prices are rising, the unemployment is very very low, how can they understand what we need? Simply, Silicon Valley is in another world.


But remember there is a high competitive war in Silicon Valley. It is the typical Tech War that four companies are fighting. Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are fighting these wars and they are all fighting to win. Yahoo which is leaderless right now is not part of this war. Microsoft is somehow connected but in the grand scheme of things, it is not at the nucleus of this war. These are some of the signs of the war – they are throwing bullet of ideas, court suits, etc:

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-Apple sues Motorola Mobility

-Google introduces Facebook killer, Google Plus

-Facebook copies the good stuffs in Google Plus

-Spotify finds home in Facebook (hu Apple iTunes)

-Goggle gets into hardware via Motorola Mobility

-Amazon launches a really good Android Apps Store. Soon, Android Market will close and Amazon one will rule

-Google unveils Google Music

-Amazon launches Amazon Cloud Player

  • Apple releases Newstand (hey Kindle)

-Amazon unveils Android Fire


We are waiting to see how it will affect us, because as our elders say, when two elephants fight, the grasses suffer.


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