Social Media is A Business Tool. Court Your Customers and Develop ‘Quantifiable Courtship’

Facebook has brought a new dawn in business relationship with customers. It has transformed the ways organizations relate with their customers. Communication is instant and it is two-way. That relationship is deepening for firms that understand that brands can be built in the domain of social media. We are in a moment of time when all firms must ask, what is my  ‘quantifiable courtship (QC)’ level?.


What is quantifiable courtship” It is simply a metric to access how relationship with each customer in the social media has evolved with time. You need to track how many times they click on your articles, like your articles and basically log into the site page. You have to find out which of the products they consistently click when there are contents about them.


There are many ways to engage customers now. We have the media tablets, the smartphone, apps and the host of many avenues. Yet, each customer is unique. Using QC, you can find out which is the best way to court them. Without courting them, other companies will take them away from you. The business is now 24/7 and you cannot sleep with your brand.


Courtship brings loyalty and good customer loyalty is good business. You need to develop that model immediately if you have not. The Direct Marketing Association has noted that 28% of US companies use social media to deepen customer loyalty. That is still a small number.


Tekedia suggests to businesses to watch these trends

  • Understand that your customers are mobile and you have to court them as they move
  • You cannot control your brand easily. A Facebook post can kill it. You must be on alert
  • Let your message be sharp and focused
  • Get intimate with customers and court them through product loyalty, better service and more


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