Softcom Is Connecting Nigerians With Meaningful Innovation for Socio-Economic Development

Softcom Is Connecting Nigerians With Meaningful Innovation for Socio-Economic Development

Softcom is a forward thinking company which has acquired deep capabilities over the past 12 years to connect people and businesses with meaningful innovation by designing and implementing customer centric solutions for its clients, in the public and private sectors, while adding value and accelerating the adoption of technology enabling visibility, accountability, cost savings and effective decision making.

It believes in an inclusive and connected Africa where all its citizens can access opportunities for their socio economic development, and is focused on fixing frictions in Identity, Education, Payment and Data.

Its product offerings include:

Registration for Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 9 (Sep 12- Dec 3 2022) has startedRegister here. Cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12-week program.


As digital technology is transforming how people access education for their personal development and with the African scenario in view, Koya is a platform which is redesigning the delivery of quality, personalized learning experiences for individuals, enterprises and governments. It aims to provide lifelong learning  which will help in changing the continent’s narrative from commodity to knowledge-driven.

Data Beaver

Data Beaver is an integrated data collection platform which provides the enterprise with a means of collection and analytics of various data sources such as Biometric Data, Geographic Data, Demographic Data, Images and Video(Multimedia) Data and Textual and Numerical Data, etc. It helps in making informed decisions, powering growth and entry into new frontiers, defeating the competition and optimizing internal processes. Data Beaver’s capabilities include

Guarantee of Data Integrity: Each data point collected by Data Beaver is submitted in a non editable format with a geotag and timestamp. As entries are submitted by field agents, they are validated based on metrics set by the organization with instant notification to agents once the entry is accepted or rejected.

Offline and Online Data Collection: Data Beaver enables data collection in underserved communication infrastructure areas. The data submitted offline is stored locally on the mobile device and its sync feature enables the synchronization of offline entries once the field agent is able to access broadband connectivity on the mobile device.

It enables agents and organizations to access and work on multiple projects simultaneously. The Data Beaver admin platform empowers organizations to create and manage the end to end delivery of  data collection project.

Automated Payment System: Data Beaver enables integration to Eyowo, a digital wallet which enables transactions using only your phone number to agents on the go.


Eyowo is a peer to peer payment system which allows people to save, spend and receive money using only their phone numbers which will provide quicker, seamless and secure payment experience for individuals and businesses across Nigeria aimed at deepening financial inclusion and economic empowerment for everyone. Over 3.5 million have received financial value since it launched operations.

Pass ID

Pass ID enables seamless, enrolment, validation and verification of identities within any given ecosystem. It has engineered capabilities in Unique Identity Recognition, Offline Capabilities, Onboarding, User Management, Insights and Analytics amongst others.

Nigeria’s state owned identity management agency, National Identity Management Commission has granted it the ability to issue National Identity Numbers or Cards, enrolment and verification of any identity and it also supports harmonization and integration with other organized identity networks.

Softcom’s Value Adding Programmes

Softcom Value Centres: Softcom’s value centres are physical structures in underserved communities where Nigerians can walk in and access critical services across its four focus areas(Identity, Learning, Payments and Data). These value centres were established with the objective of giving every Nigerian equal access to opportunities for him to succeed.

Softcom believes in the right of every Nigerian whether they are out of school children, jobseekers, undergraduates, potential entrepreneurs or young adults seeking paid employment to be able to access quality education to significantly improve their lives and chances at success. It’s aim is for every Nigerian to be able to access financial services i.e deposits, withdrawals, access interest free loans and single digit medium term loans to significantly grow their businesses and livelihoods thereby increasing their quality of life through the Value Centres in their various communities.

It also aims to provide every Nigerian with important growth data, business trends and economic indices which is understandable and inaccessible for those at the bottom of the pyramid.

Correct Life: This initiative was launched to fix the friction which exists between the non inclusion of informal economy which constitutes over 80 percent of the workforce in Nigeria and an annual growth of about 9 percent into government economic policies and decision making which has resulted in loss of levies and taxes from them by empowering and developing them to create value for the government.

Future Ready Initiative: The Future Ready programme is a model of an ideal environment aimed at improving the learning outcomes of the 21st Century tertiary education student by meeting their needs with relevant content to increase their capabilities for productivity.

The Future Ready ecosystem consists of a student connected to digital(hardware, networking, software and content) capabilities for effective monitoring and mobile access to resources for best learning outcomes. The role of the Teacher is now redesigned to that of a facilitator or instructor effectively delivering knowledge unbounded and unconstrained with innovative, collaborative methodologies assisted by smart technology.

Softcom needs to double down on its efforts in its four key areas of focus while expanding into new frontiers to unlock the potential for economic transformation and aiding in lifting millions out of the poverty trap in line with the UN SDGs.

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