Soulmate Anthem Mass Choir [Video]

Soulmate Anthem Mass Choir [Video]

Good People, please watch Soulmate Anthem Mass Choir. Soulmate is Africa’s largest indigenous haircare company, founded by FUTO alumnus and business legend Sir Ndukwe Osogho-Ajala. He turned his FUT Owerri chemistry class assignment into a modern engineering empire that employs thousands across Africa.

At Fasmicro, we are truly honoured to serve Soulmate. And I invite you to seek that soul of beauty when that haircare becomes a soulcare. Yes, your look changes when you have found your SOULMATE. Brochure here.

In the next coming weeks, Soulmate will unveil amazing innovations on using digital channels to engage and make more beautifully you. It would be amazing.

Sing with Soulmate!


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