Soulmate Industries – Join A Session for Global Partners and Distributors

Soulmate Industries – Join A Session for Global Partners and Distributors

Soulmate Industries Ltd is a leading indigenous haircare brand with industry-leading products. It has a big factory in Ikeja Nigeria where the Founder, Sir Ndukwe Osogho-Ajala,  commercialized his undergraduate chemistry project. Soulmate products are used across Africa and beyond. It is today one of the largest indigenous manufacturers in Africa, employing hundreds of people.

If you visit Soulmate complex, you will see amazing young researchers in one of the largest biochemistry industrial labs in the nation. They research, create and launch beauty products whose IPs are 100% Nigerian and African. Soulmate is a leading exporter- it exports agents of beauty to the world, from Nigeria.

With Soulmate Founder in Soulmate Factory

Soulmate Industries is a client in my practice. We will run a retreat in Lagos. Though structured for the business executives, I will have a session for potential partners, local and international.

My wife Ifeoma wants to buy Soulmate in Wal-Mart; Soulmate’s Hair Conditioner Plus was formulated for her hair!. There are other African women in Gambia, Mali, Kenya, UK, etc who are connected to this brand. And we hope to stimulate new demand fans through symphonic innovation. We want partners through different vehicles – JV, MR, etc – to make Soulmate reach these customers.

Email here (on click) – we will want to have a conversation with you on the opportunities. You may need to join us in Lagos if you are in Nigeria; digital connection will be available for partners outside Nigeria or want to connect remotely. The exact dates and venue will be provided to you once we have received your note. Please while writing, tell us a little about your business and experience in the sector.

Soulmate – it’s always amazing when you have found your mate!

A Tour of Soulmate Industries – Sub-Saharan Africa’s Largest Indigenous Hair Beauty Brand

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