Starcomms Unveils 50 Hr Internet Package


Starcomms has unveiled 50 hr internet package to better serve its customers.


The 50-hour package on iZAP according to Starcomms, costs N3990 while the 1x component costs N2500. The service will last four fourteen days before a customer can recharge again. Before now, the lowest data subscription hourly planed for Starcomms Internet access was 100hours.


To make use of the 50 hour package, customers can recharge with their Starcomms phones, with recharge card and through Starcomms website. The code for iZAP 50-hour plan is 249. This means that all the customers’ needs to do is recharge their Starcomms phones up to N4, 000 and send SMS to (*249*data device number*1234#) to 37938.


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