Stop hunting, Start farming 

Stop hunting, Start farming 

Stop hunting, Start farming 

 Your advertisement either sells or sucks 

Pick me, pick me. 

This is a tagline for an old popular infomercial by chivita where the orange fruits were screaming at the plucker for a chance to be harvested! 

I guess the orange fruits didn’t know they were about to be killed for human consumption. 

Chivita was making a great impression on the viewers, they showed you a field, and how the very best of the fruits were plucked and hereby processed to the fruit juice you bought. 

This was a well thought out commercial. 

Did you see this advert on TV when you were a bit younger? let me know in the comment section. 

If you’re wondering how this affects your business, you’re about to find out. Stay glued. 

Every Advertisement does two things to your prospect: Hunt or Farm

Let me explain what I mean by hunting and farming

  1. Hunting: This is when an advertisement is going for the kill from the onset. 

Just like our forefathers usually do when they go to the forest, taking an animal back to the tribe was the goal they didn’t care who reared the animal they killed. 

We couldn’t blame them anyway, they had to survive. 

How would you feel, if you had a sales agent come to you without greeting or an introduction and says ‘Buy this white shirt now’… Sounds ridiculous right? 

Well, that’s exactly how your advertisement may be sounding when a reader is going through it. 

I’m sure you can already think of 1 or 2 advertisements that sound exactly like this. They come across as too salesy, they’re just here to make a profit, nothing more, nothing less. 

Hunting passes a message of desperation to your prospects, which makes them more likely to underprice your product and subsequently devalue your product. 

After all, you shouldn’t push your product on them if it really has value. 

  1. Farming: Allow me to brief you on how plants are cultivated on a farm. Corn is an example in this instance. 

The soil is tilled, the seed is buried underground, the soil is regularly watered and weeds are taken away from the surrounding of the maize until it grows big enough to be harvested usually 3 to 4 months. 

Now I agree with you, you may not have this amount of time on your hand to persuade a prospect, but there is an equally good strategy for you to use in an advertisement to cultivate your reader.  

It is called the AIDA formula

A – Your advert must ATTRACT prospect

I – your advert must INTEREST prospect 

D- your advert must create a DESIRE In your prospect 

A- your advert must cause the prospect to take ACTION 

This formula helps you get your desired response from your readers, this formula works whether it is used in articles, podcasts, video, etc. 

Our Attention span is evolving by the day, you have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention and get them to take your desired action. 

When used creatively, the AIDA formula will help you grab your audience’s attention and help you convert them to clients with ease. 

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