Stop looking for Jobs like a Gambler

Stop looking for Jobs like a Gambler

By Chinedu Junior Ihekwoaba

Job Search is not gambling.

A gambler always lives his life on luck. He has no clear understanding of his journey. He only has one belief: “throw out everything you have and expect an angel to smile at you.”

A gambler stands 1/10000000 chance of winning. Without wasting much time, you can definitely rate his chance of success.

Now back to job search, how can you rate your chance of success?

Do you still apply for every available opportunity and praying for your luck to shine?

Two years ago, I applied for over a hundred positions but got nothing. Despite my prayers and fasting, nothing worked. So I conclude:stop looking for a job like a gambler!”

Yes, I did make that mistake. Sending numerous messages to recruiters and connecting with only CEOs, applying for everything applicable irrespective of the role, job description and the paycheck.

It wasted my time, energy and resources. It also drained me emotionally. Along the line, I realized that looking for a job is also a job.

Here are ways you can find a job with ease:

  • Be strategic

Strategy always wins. You can’t apply for everything because your job determines 80% of what you’ll become in the future.

Your strategy should include the type of job you want, your personal goals, and ambitions, your strengths and weaknesses, and the type of companies you would love to work with.

  • Networking

Networking is king. When I say networking, it’s not restricted to the Internet only. There are amazing events you can attend that will boost your morale and confidence. Most importantly, you’ll meet amazing people.

Remember, people recommend and hire people they know faster. What makes networking interesting is that it can be done through social media platforms.

For example, I know Sarah and I’m interested in working at ABC, I will connect with her on any social media sites I can find her, engage her posts and contribute.

I will send her a message like, “hello Sarah! I’m a fan of your contents and it’s amazing how you contribute to this platform. I’m honoured to be connected.”

She will definitely appreciate my words and respond. But if she doesn’t, I’ll try a few more times or look for another person working at ABC.

That’s the joy of networking. You’ll connect with the world in your comfort zone.

  • Volunteering or Internship

Sometimes, you have to show the world what you can do by offering your service for free. I know many egoistic job seekers would feel turned off by this part. But it doesn’t change the fact that it is the truth.

Opportunities are very hard to come by, but you can get yourself one by volunteering or going for internships. The advantage you will have over others is that you’ll be a favourite during the recruitment exercise. Also, you’ll have added experience which enriches your CV.

But be very careful with the type of companies you want to volunteer or do internships. If it doesn’t align with your values or goals, don’t bother to waste your time.

  • Join a recruitment agency

These days, there are agencies that can help you with your job search. They even train you on how to attend interviews. Find them and work with them.

Stop wasting your time looking for a job like a gambler. Be strategic, network, volunteer or do internships, and join the recruitment agencies.

Of course, it takes time. Be patient.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.



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6 thoughts on “Stop looking for Jobs like a Gambler

  1. Comfort E. Isaiah · Edit

    Very insightful piece Chinedu.

    Yes looking for a job is also a job and the Strategies you have for landing a job will give results if adhere to.


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