TAP Continues to Improve Commerce: Zero-Revenue Leakage Era is Here

TAP Continues to Improve Commerce: Zero-Revenue Leakage Era is Here

TAP continues to advance commerce: zero-revenue leakage era is here. Our applications cut through agriculture to revenue assurance, agency services to education, ticketing to events management, and more. Anywhere you collect cash and want to eliminate leakage, TAP is ready.  We do not need mobile networks and efficiently operate offline. Yet, if you want to check how the money is growing from your restaurant while away, we can push revenue balance and transaction flow every 5 minutes to your phone. TAP unifies digital and physical when it comes to payment.

Our goal is simple: zero revenue leakage even on cash-based transactions whether you are in your shop or not. You sell garri, we capture all payments digitally. You sell mama put, all payments are recorded. You have okada riders riding for you, you get revenue visibility. You own a bus, you know how much the conductor collected. You run a shop, all transactions are captured live.

This is unification of digital and physical in payment. If you want to stop revenue leakage, theft, pilfering, etc in your business – offline and online – email my team for a demo anywhere in Nigeria

This video gives you 100% visibility on bus ticketing.


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