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Tech-In Governance Gets A Winner – Now Is The Time To Start Planning for Next Series


Tech-In Governance is the maiden edition of the Tech-IN Series, a quarterly unusual event aimed at harnessing the power of technology for economic development in Nigeria. It focuses on technology innovation and application for citizen participation in governance. The maiden edition was won by Kathleen Ndongmo – a Cameroonian. This program is designed to run for every three months and now is the time to start planning for the competition.



How it works:

Tech-IN Governance starts with a 6week call for ideas and close with a 48hr intense co-creation activity.

The call for ideas: is an open call for Nigerians to think and submit creative web/mobile based ideas that have potentials to transform citizen participation in governance. Your idea will need to be focused on addressing the specified need (citizen participation in governance), technology must be central to its purpose and it must be novel (you’ve got to make something new).


Selection by panel of judges: an independent panel of judges will select 6 ideas from all the ideas received. The judges will choose the ideas which they think hold the greatest potential benefit most from Tech-In Governance and transform how Nigerians participate in the management of their country.


Get involved: if you don’t want to submit an idea in the first place, you can still get involved. In fact, you’re really important. We need the help of a huge range of people – from software developers through to civil servants, from digital media lawyers to people with expertise in governance – to help make the selected ideas a reality.


You can volunteer to come along for the event; you have to tell us what you’re interested in and what your skills are (geek, social innovator, entrepreneur etc) and we’ll help you get the most out of Tech-In Governance.


The 48hrs: this is an open space and a living lab with the aim of transforming a set of early-stage ideas into prototypes in 48hrs. Participants will be organised into teams to work on each of the 6 ideas – so expect organised chaos with a lots of fun and interaction. You’ll be part of a team working to harness the power of “US” to create novel solutions.


Show and Tell: We expect that by the end of the weekend you’ll be part of a team with a basic working model web/mobile solution that contribute to the transformation of citizen participation in governance in Nigeria. The event will close with a Show and Tell pitching competition which will include some prizes for the winning ideas which demonstrate the greatest potential to create real change.

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