Technology For Good – Ericsson. Why There is More Good From Technology

The tech giant has released its annual Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility report. It is central on the ability of technology, especially ICT to solve energy, environmental and social challenges. Read the release from the corporate website of the company.


To mark the launch of Ericsson’s Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report 2010 – Technology for Good, we hear from company President and CEO Hans Vestberg on the significant role of sustainability in the Networked Society. He also outlines the company’s sustainability priorities for 2011.


Technology for Good is the theme of the latest Ericsson Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility report. It highlights the company’s ongoing efforts to apply innovation to market-based solutions that empower people and society to help create a more sustainable world. These efforts are central to the transition to the Networked Society – a world where everything that would benefit from being connected will be connected.


Vestberg addresses what he calls the three pillars, which will facilitate the sustainable transformation to the Networked Society: connectivity technology itself; the global reach of existing networks; and the socio-economic benefits delivered by broadband technology.

He talks about how solutions targeted at different sectors – such as consumers, institutions or enterprises – build on the three pillars, with resulting benefits for society and sustainability.


Vestberg also talks about his three sustainability priorities for 2011:

  • Developing scalable market-based solutions (in sectors such as health care and education) that can be replicated, preferably on a global scale
  • Maintaining Ericsson’s sustainability leadership position, incorporating company ways of working with Ericsson products
  • Being a voice for the role of sustainability and Technology for Good in the Networked Society through advocacy with stakeholders such as customers, governments, ICT players and other industries.


In his introductory letter to the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report 2010 – Technology for Good (PDF version), Vestberg says broadband and mobility are revolutionizing the way health care and education are being provided.


“As a catalyst for more sustainable development, we have only begun to tap the possibilities of the Networked Society,” he says. “The transformational power of ICT to spur socioeconomic development and put us on the path to a low-carbon economy has never been greater.”


The report can also be found on Ericsson’s Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility homepage.

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