When African Girls Congregate for ICT, People Take Notice – We Need More AkiraChix

It is a Kenyan girls tech club – AkiraChix- the world is noticing. Read this press on their site:


Akirachix is excited to be selected as the implementing organization in Kenya for mobile social networking activities in Kenya, as part of the Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Knowledge Economy partnership. We will be working together with the Mlab consortium (University of Nairobi School of Computing and Informatics, iHub, the World Wide Web Foundation and Emobilis) to facilitate activities in the Mlab. The grant was issued by Infodev, a donor?funded agency hosted by the World Bank to foster innovation and collaboration among different stakeholders in the mobile communications sector.


The objectives of the program are to:

1. Sustain the existing social networking hub, Mlab.

2. Encourage the creation of content for a mobile applications community of practice.

3. Create a competition for ideas to encourage entrepreneurship.

4. Establish mentorship opportunities for developers.

Below is a complete list of the grantees in Africa and Asia


On their site, they have this interesting About Us with ‘gal’ for ‘girl’


Akira is a Japanese word that means ‘energy’ and ‘Intelligence’, those are the two words that aptly describe this group of ladies. We are intelligent and we bring all our energy together to help and empower the greater community of galz out there (yaani in the world).


This is a group for ladies with interest in Information Technology. Right now we are based in Kenya but we intend to spread our wings to all corners of the world. The aim of this forum is:


  • to empower the gal tech community in Kenya
  • to use the Akira Chix to reach out to other gals in community and encourage them to pursue careers in the field of technology
  • to integrate use of technology in solving life’s problems
  • to facilitate collaboration and communication among the tech galz
  • to inspire gals to be transformational leaders
  • to enlighten the community on the technology sphere
  • to motivate the gal community to continue in their technology development


Irrespective of the style, this is the type of clubs we should encourage girls to form these days. In Kenya, they are doing real things and was actually recognized by the World Bank. They also won the IPO48 competition.

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