Wholesalers – We Know the Prices Also. How A Kenyan Startup Is Empowering Farmers With Realtime Prices via SMS

M-Farm , a Kenyan startup,  has  a simple mission – empower local farmers with prices of produce. They even compensate for regional price changes. How it is done?


Send sms to 3535 to get market prices for fresh produce in Kenya SMS formart: price crop location. Example: price potatoes nairobi


This is not too much innovation, but the impact will be appreciated by the farmers. When they are armed with prices, they can bargain easily with wholesalers. How? They can also text for prices in the city and know how much the wholesalers are selling. Oh yes, the era of paying our farmers nothing to go to town and make big money is coming to and end as mobility is breaking that distance and lack of price awareness.


The good aspect is that everyone benefits as sellers will be sure that buyers are paying fair good market prices. This is a system that should be replicated in Nigeria across villages.


MFarm Solution to Cooperatives and Suppliers

1.Market Price Inquiry
The farmers inquire current market prices of different crop from regions or specific markets via SMS. This assist farmers getting a higher bargain platform/power and being aware of market prices before they market their produce.


2.Web/SMS Customer Relationship Management
This particular module is target for cooperatives and big suppliers that want to manage their clients queries and response. It is a web based application that connects with SMS from clients and by a click of a button the administrator can reply ti a group of clients via SMS. The application is customized according to clients needs .


MFarm Solution to Farmers and Retailers

1.Selling together
In order to get a platform in the market, the farmers need to produce large quantities and sell to exporters,large scale retailers among other buyers. Through M-Farm the farmers/suppliers will connect to the buyers/market via sms.


2.Buying together
Grouped farmers get connected to suppliers hence get 30 to 50 percent off the farm input such as fertilizers, pesticides,equipments among others the suppliers have to offer. This will be done via sms through M-Farm.


3.Mapping farmers
Via our website the market will get to view farmers directory which will include their crops they produce, production rate and location. Through this the farmers can be able to expand the visibility of their farms and business world wide.

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