Tekedia Interviews Director/CEO of national Electronics Development Institute, Awka, Nigeria – Assoc Professor Michael C. Ndinechi

He is the future of Nigeria to enter the world of electronics and embedded systems engineering. He is smart, experienced and exceedingly accessible by the small companies under his watch. He is a man on a mission – bringing a new dimension in fostering private and public partnership. When Microscale Embedded needed him to help them execute their Contract Design Manufacturing, Dr. Michael Ndinechi was there in person. He encouraged them, shared his experiences with them and told them that he is available to nurture startups in the nation to greatness. And he wants this message out – he is available to help startups, SMEs and MNCs build our nation’s semiconductor industry.


Dr. Ndinechi is perhaps the most accessible public servant in the nation today. We are happy that Nigeria has got a visionary like him.


Dr. Ndinechi is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and currently the Director/Chief Executive Officer, Electronics Development Institute, ELDI, Awka, which is under the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Nigeria.  Before his appointment as the Director/Chief Executive Officer of ELDI, he was the Associate Dean, School of Engineering and Engineering Technology at Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria.


By his position, he is responsible for providing direction on electronics development in Nigeria through reverse engineering, innovations and transferring of electronic products designs to SME’s and thereafter provide technical support.


He does that so well. We are very happy to begin sharing with the world our very detailed interview with this legend, upon whose hands, Nigeria’s competitiveness will depend. He has plans for the nation and we are very happy.


Dr. Ndinechi is one of the most influential public figures that are encouraging the establishment of Semiconductor Industry Association of Nigeria (SIAN). It took him less than two weeks to challenge the small players to come together for the good of the nation. Private companies have applied for the incorporation and will be asking other companies and individuals to join this movement.  Why did he ask for SIAN? He is looking for solutions and he wants all the players to come as one voice, because his time is also precious. [SIAN invites you to join, contact SIAN President at [email protected], or the Chairman at [email protected]]


The first part of the interview will run 6am Nigerian time, on Monday. Be at Tekedia and read the future.  You are going to read his vision and where he wants to take our nation – only at Tekedia, your waves of technology.


He is the man on suit in the photo

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