Main One – The Hottest Company In West Africa, Right Now

By all factors and metrics, the hottest company in West Africa now is Main One. It holds the trigger for many new opportunities, if it executes very well. From New York to London, everyone is watching to know how it is doing. Then the next phase of investment will come, after the bandwidth has become a commodity.


Main One Cable Company Limited (‘Main One’) is the first submarine cable company offering open access, wholesale broadband capacity in West Africa. Main One is wholly African-owned with a vision to expand the much needed capacity on the African continent and reduce costs of broadband communications across the Continent. This vision is being realized via a submarine cable system that was declared ready for service in July 2010 with initial landing stations in Nigeria, Ghana and Portugal – linking West Africa to the rest of the world via Portugal and the United Kingdom.


Main One’s vision is to be the most reliable, scalable and professionally managed international telecommunications service provider on the African continent. Main One’s high capacity fibre ensures that reliable and first class service delivery of the much needed broadband capacity is easily available and accessible within West Africa for regional and international operators as well as service providers.


At MainOne, our Mission is to eradicate the communication challenges that limit African businesses from being truly global creating an opportunity to showcase our technical and innovative prowess, by providing the infrastructural platform to help make their businesses available and reachable from anywhere in the world.


At Main One we are relentless in our drive for connectivity. We overcome all barriers to exceed expectations and so should you…


Our Achievements and Awards include :

  • First private submarine cable landing licenses in Nigeria and Ghana
  • First wholly African owned, privately funded, open access submarine cable in Africa
  • Highest capacity to date of 1.92 Tbps deployed on the West Coast of Africa
  • Africans Communications Deal of the Year 2009

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